How did your child fare with remote learning?

    Posted by Mohit S. Jain on June 11, 2020


    "The Results are in for Remote Learning. It didnt work"

    screamed a recent headline from the Wall Street Journal. New York Times, on the other hand, said "Research Shows Students Falling Months Behind During Virus Disruptions."

    As per WSJ “America took an involuntary crash course in remote learning. With the school year now winding down, the grade from students, teachers, parents, and administrators is already in: It was a failure.” The loss of learning which is now being referred to as “The COVID Slide” is expected to target reading and math heavily. The Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) estimates that the average student will lose up to one-third of their reading gains from the previous year and up to half of their learning gains in math. 

    The loss of learning can be attributed to a number of different factors including teachers’ inexperience with remote teaching and the lack of engagement in remote classes. Researchers are also concerned that this learning loss can continue in the fall as schools may continue to incorporate some level of remote learning while also facing budget cuts due to the economic downturn. Budget cuts could limit the number of specialist teachers available at schools as well as various after-school programs. 

    How did Genie Academy’s students fare?

    At Genie Academy, our online learning has been a success based on the feedback we have received from most parents. 90% of parents surveyed said they were happy with Genie Academy’s online classes. We heard numerous parents commenting that they would actually prefer to continue with online classes even when our centers reopen. Many of the students are enjoying our online program and parents are reporting that the classes are going well.



    Reviews from Genie Academy parents. 

    The reviews on our online classes have been positive as well.

    One parent wrote:

    My daughter loves her teacher. She is so good with students and knows how to teach them. She is very thorough in her teaching and always gives honest feedback to the parents.”

    Another parent wrote:

    "Due to COVID19 we had to switch to online learning via Google meet but this hasn't stopped the progress. Weekly online courses are working just like the classroom. The children still get to see their teacher ask questions and speak with the parents at the end of class.”

    Read more reviews here


    Why is Genie Academy online classes better than most alternatives? 

    Dedicated and Passionate teachers. Our teachers get consistently High marks for their passion and dedication. They adhere to our core values. Teaching is their passion. 

    Awesome Curriculum Our Abacus & Common Core Math, Reading/Writing & Coding programs are best in the industry. We constantly update it. It is designed to teach and educate.

    Agile & Responsive We are a small private company. We are able to make quick decisions and execute them. We were able to get the online platform running in record time. For the past 3-4 years, we have been working on an online scheduling system. This allows our teachers to keep track of each student’s progress in real-time. Our competitors and the schools simply do not have that ability. They are also larger in size with entrenched bureaucracy. Decision making is slower, which is bad news for students. Try it yourself. 

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