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    Covid Causing Learning Loss in the United States of America

    Have you noticed a decline in your child's learning ability after COVID? Here we'll explore COVID 19 learning loss and the best ways to address it.

    How much knowledge has your child lost because of the pandemic?

    Online learning caused by the COVID19 pandemic caused a huge educational shift, and students were hit hard. How much knowledge was really lost?

    Learning Loss due to COVID-19

    How is COVID-19 affecting your child's education? What can you do to help?


    5 Ways to Handle a Defiant Child as We Return Back to In-Person School

    As kids return back to in person school after a year, it might be a hard adjustment. When kids act out, use these tips to help. Enroll them in Math Genie!


    Schools Are Not Testing Students and This is a Red Flag

    Standardized testing has been replaced with shorter replacement exams like the NJ Start Strong test which doesn't thoroughly test what students know.


    Covid Learning Loss Is A Real Thing | Genie Academy

    Don't let your child fall victim to the Covid Slide, which will impact them now &indefinitely. Sign up for Math Genie to help your child find their genius.


    How to Stop Your Kids From Cheating During Online Classes

    End virtual cheating with your child by discussing expectations, disabling Alexa, and turning off Google Meet captions, plus more.

    Math Genie Class Reopening

    Genie Academy Has Reopened for In-Person Classes

    Math Genie has reopened for in-person classes. Contact one of the centers about scheduling availability. Online classes will continue as we reopen.

    Child learning at home on the computer

    How to Make Online Learning Easier For Your Child

    Remote learning has been a challenge for many young children. Read more about ways to make the transition to online learning smoother for your child.

    Child studying at computer for online class

    Differences Between Online Learning and Traditional Classroom Learning

    Students face many challenges in adjusting to remote learning. Learn more about the biggest differences between in-person and virtual instruction.

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