Covid Learning Loss Is A Real Thing

Posted by Susie Pinon on September 03, 2021



Is your Child Falling Behind?

Whether we want to accept it or not, the state of education for our children as we know it has changed drastically and not for the better. Various states across the country have informed and even encouraged parents to permit their children to repeat their grade level due to Covid’s learning loss. What can we do? The answer is immediate intervention. Let us help you at Math Genie. 


What the Data Shows

According to NJ Spotlight News, a measure has been put in place that permits students to repeat a grade if deemed necessary. This is to address the significant learning loss attributed to the Covid Slide in learners across the nation. This law applies to students in kindergarten throughout 8th grade. If the public education system is failing us as a whole, what can we expect for our children’s continued education? What will the fate of their future evolve into? Imagine setting your child an entire year back.

Unfortunately, schools were forced into remote learning with little technical training or practice. This resulted in more teacher-reported student absenteeism, lower student test scores, less curriculum coverage, and more. According to a study performed by, reported instructional time was drastically lower than the pre-Covid average. “Seventy-four percent of principals in fully remote schools estimated that their students' average achievement in mathematics was below grade level in spring 2021, compared with 63 percent in hybrid settings and 46 percent in fully in-person settings.”


New Jersey & Beyond

Specifically in New Jersey, there has been a steep statewide “Covid slide” that has negatively impacted students’ performance in ELA and math. According to Jersey Can, an ongoing research project determines that if this learning loss continues at the same rate, approximately 393,000 students in reading and writing and 430,000 students only in elementary grades 3-8 will no longer be on par with grade level. As of August 4th, 2021, just 9% of students in Newark, NJ met state standards for math in recent testing.

In other parts of the country, things are no better.  Governor Kate Brown recently signed a law to allow Oregon that permits students to graduate high school without passing an exit exam. There was a great lack of transparency about the decision and how it would negatively affect the futures of thousands of students.

What Should Parents Do?

It’s foolish to think that a year of sub-par online learning won’t do much harm to students in every age bracket across the nation. It’s necessary to realize that intervention needs to be made immediately, for the sake of our kids’ education. Public education is just not cutting it, even as teachers continue to work hard. The Covid pandemic easily boasts the title of the largest disruption in education in history, affecting around 1.6 billion students that will impact generations of learners now and beyond.

We can consider the long-term effects of this crisis, specifically on the most vulnerable youth. Students in areas of poverty, those with disabilities, forcibly displaced individuals, and minorities, just to name a few are the people who will suffer the most long-term, learning loss extending beyond the classroom and potentially leading to a higher high-school dropout rate. According to an analysis by ReliefWeb, 23.8 million additional children may drop out or lack access to schools due to the economic impact from Covid. 

Take Action Now!

At Math Genie, we have highly competitive tutoring rates for children ages three to thirteen. We teach reading, writing, abacus math, core curriculum “school” math, and coding. Our instructors are kind, college-educated professionals with a passion for helping every single child find the genius within them. For over twelve years, we have shaped so many young minds, with our student’s success stories continuing far beyond the classroom as they age. 

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Don’t let your child fall victim to the learning loss caused by the Covid Slide. They deserve better. Bring your child to Math Genie for a free assessment to help them kickstart their journey to finding the genius within them today!

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