5 Ways to Make the Most of the Rest of Summer

Posted by Tiara Swinson on August 01, 2019

Getting Ahead this SummerSummer is half-way over and the kids might be getting bored. You can tell kids need some time to learn when they suddenly get fussy about every little thing. Their brain is not happy when we don't challenge it with new information. Of course, you want summer to be full of fun memories, not extra days of dreaded workbooks. Here are some great ways to challenge their brain during the second half of your summer while also creating some great memories.

Make Some Math

There's nothing that can get kids as excited about math as being able to play with it. Start with video's about hexaflexagon's on this page and then try out some of the templates. Vi Hart has a lot of fun video's combining math and art and getting your kids curious about something like this can help feed their brain over the summer. Have fun with your kids, watch the videos together, make your own hexaflexagon, and help them if they get stuck with the project.

Play the Turing Tumble

The Turing Tumble is a fun new game that teaches kids about one of the most fundamental aspects of computer science, switches. If you have been looking for an activity to get your kids off the screen and learning about the fundamentals behind the screen, this game is just what you need. The game comes with 60 puzzles to solve woven into a story presented in the form of a comic book.

Get Out of the House

You never know when a trip to the museum will get your child interested in a new topic. Try a museum they have never been to before to spark their curiosity. Here is a list of great museums for kids in New Jersey. Show your kids the list and let them help pick out a place that sounds interesting to them.

Add a Funny Family Audiobook and Color While You Listen Together

Humor and books are two of the best ways to bond with your kids. Why not use their power together, and also work in some fine-motor skills while relaxing? Pick up or print out some adult coloring pages  (kids love them too) and some good fine point markers or gel pens. Now all you need is a great book to listen to while you color together. Listening along with your kid's changes read-aloud time from something you are doing to them, to something you are doing with them. In addition, I find that for humorous books, a reading done by a professional actor or actress can be twice as funny as the same words read by mom. Did you know that just listening to books boosts kids literacy development?

Another great way to learn in the summer is by taking them to Genie Academy. Genie Academy provides programs in reading and math that are proven to accelerate skills. They also offer kids coding classes where your littler learner can start learning one of the most important languages of the future.

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