Learn how your child can beat the Coronavirus school shutdown

    Posted by Anthony Yoo on May 29, 2020


    School closures due to the coronavirus have been difficult for everyone. As everyone adjusts to life at home, your child is at risk of falling behind. Math and reading are two of the subjects that are prone to greater learning loss. By taking the steps highlighted below, you can find out how you can help your child to minimize learning losses and to be better prepared for the following school year.

    Develop effective habits

    Life at home has been a drastic change for your child. It is important to preserve the good habits your child developed from going to school. Some effective habits include staying healthy, setting, and routine and staying connected. During this time of uncertainty, your child can feel a great sense of regularity from structured activities. Good, healthy habits at home can help your child stay productive and motivated during school closures.

    Summer learning programs

    Genie Academy offers summer learning programs in math, reading, and coding. By choosing to continue their learning throughout the summer, you can help them enforce good study habits learned during the year. The program is highly interactive and the shift towards an online testing system has made it faster for Genie Academy teachers to grade and give feedback to students. Furthermore, the teacher-student ratios are 1:4, which ensures that your child gets the academic attention they need this summer. 

    Closing the gap

    The early school closures will lead to a greater loss in learning as we head into the summer months. It is important to take the necessary steps in order to close this gap so that your child stays motivated at home. The educational impacts as a result of school closures coronavirus have yet to be seen and there is no definitive timeline for when things will return to normal. Make sure your child gets the appropriate attention and education they need to build upon what they’ve learned in school. 

    We hope that we can ease the burdens of early school closures by offering ways for your child to keep learning during these uncertain times. Online classes at Genie Academy provide a learning routine for your child as well as a way for your child to connect with other students. With our intimate class sizes, we can ensure that our differentiated instruction methods will help your child learn new concepts effectively. 





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