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My First Solo Flight

Learning to Soar: My First Solo Flight Experience

Former Abacus student Yadu is able to complete his first solo flight using the Genie Academy teaching philosophy. Discover how to master skills here.

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Abacus Math vs Traditional Math

Why is Abacus a Superior Way to Teach Math?

What makes Abacus Math superior to traditional Math? A Genie Academy coach weighs in on its several benefits for your child. With FREE abacus class.

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How Abacus Math Helps With Neuroplasticity

How powerful is the abacus for your child’s brain? Journey through international research & discover unexpected ways Abacus Math helps with neuroplasticity

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How Abacus Mental Math Improves Your Child's EQ

Want to improve your child’s EQ along with their IQ? Discover the benefits of Abacus Mental Math for their emotional quotient and set them up for success.

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How Abacus Math Helped Me Get Into MIT

How can abacus mental math help your child excel? An MIT student shares how it helped her enter the most prestigious engineering school in the world.

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What does math do for a child's brain?

It's well known that math is like exercise for the brain, but what exactly does that exercise do for kids? Read to find out more!

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How Your Child's Potential is Being Wasted... and What You Can Do

Your child may not be living up to their full potential. Find out what is standing in their way, and what can be done to help them be more successful!

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Why poor math skills lead to a poor life...

Teachers are always asked if the math they teach can be used in real life. Find out what could happen in the life of someone without any math skills!

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Addition and Subtraction on the Abacus

Learn the basics of teaching addition and subtraction using the abacus, a tool that enhances number sense and combats math phobia. Explore about abacus now

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Genie Academy Makes Kids Smart All Over

Our students are able to utilize their skills outside of the classroom. At Math Genie, students practice & get better at mental math, sports, & music, too.

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