Genie Academy Makes Kids Smart All Over

    Posted by Math Genie Staff on March 16, 2021

    Math Genie Makes Kids Smart All OverParents whose children have completed the Genie Academy program say it's not just their math skills that have improved. Their children have made solid advances in other areas. ranging from sports to music. More specifically, Genie Academy has helped kids increase their ability to have laser-sharp focus. When a Genie Academy student sets their mind on a goal, there is no doubt that they will reach it.


    Ekta Gujrathi, whose son Parth immersed himself in the Genie Academy program for 2 1/2 years, said the program, which develops and strengthens visualization using math, helped her son ace sports. “Definitely, his sports skills have increased,” Ekta said. “His visual power – to look around, to see what's happening around. He thinks quicker nowadays.” Parth's father agreed and said that his son has learned to apply skills he learned at Genie Academy to his soccer game.

    “When he goes out in the field (he analyzes) how many players are on the field -- the judgment where he should be on the field, that improved,” Amit said. “The precision with which he was doing the kicking... all that improved.”

    “His logical thinking, his reasoning power has increased,” said Amit, Parth's father. And as students learn to think outside the box, other subjects become easier. “He's learning piano,” Amit stated. “He had piano classes before, but at that time he did not have the interest to complete it. So now, the interest has increased.”

    “He's in first grade. He's telling us that he's already doing third-grade math – that's generally taught at the end of the second grade, beginning of the third. When he started first grade, they realized he's good enough in math, so let's give him something harder,” remarked Amit in an interview. “His speed in doing math is amazing,” Ekta said. “I have to use the calculator to check his work, but he does it very easily. And he checks his brother's homework. He's trying to teach him the technique.”

    Etka emphasizes that Parth’s concentration power has increased significantly. It’s no secret that Genie Academy helps develop concentration. She focuses on how Parth feels very proud and feels that he has already learned so much only in the first grade!



    Nine-year-old Keya said that learning to master mathematical problems on the abacus – a  mathematical device old as a civilization that uses beads to solve math problems – has enhanced her approach to other subjects. She completes her schoolwork in a fraction of the time. “When everyone is talking like 30 minutes, I'm done in like 10,” Keya said. She attributes her success to Genie Academy.

    “It helped me in piano and in writing and reading and in every job, really,” Keya said. “It helped me to be more patient and not to get overly frustrated. I'm much smarter now.”

    Keya's father Manish believes that because Genie Academy does not burden students with memorization, (which can often bore and frustrate students) children learn to solve problems creatively. “It's more like a family environment here than going to a class and just coming out of a class, said Keya's mother.

    “It taught her how to think about things differently than what she was traditionally told,” he said. “We're happy to see how quickly she's grasping things.”



    Rutu has been attending Genie Academy for 2 ½ years, Her dad states that before Genie Academy, his daughter was doing so poorly in math that she would often grow frustrated.

    “She was struggling. She was hating math,” Vijay said. “Then she started here. Slowly, after learning the tricks and the abacus, she went from hating it to saying, 'Oh, I like it.'  And now she's at the stage where she's saying, “Oh, I love it. I want to do more.”

    We have plenty of other success stories about Genie Academy students. Our students never surprise us with their incredible achievements. Whether they skip a grade or gain admission into the gifted and talented program for math and reading during a pandemic. We know that your child has the capacity to be a genius. Sign up for a free class and assessment today. We can't wait to meet you.

    -The Genie Academy team


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