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For your child's perfect score on PSAT & SAT, Join Genie Academy

Math Genie alumni credits Math Genie and the abacus for her success on PSAT & SAT. Takes College level Calculus courses in High School. Skips Algebra 2

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Addition and Subtraction on the Abacus

Learn the basics of teaching addition and subtraction using the abacus, a tool that enhances number sense and combats math phobia. Explore about abacus now

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Genie Academy Makes Kids Smart All Over

Our students are able to utilize their skills outside of the classroom. At Math Genie, students practice & get better at mental math, sports, & music, too.

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Will Schools Reopen This Year?

Governor Murphy announced there is a chance that schools in NJ could reopen before the end of the academic year. What does this mean for your child?

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U.S. Students' Success in STEM Depend on Advanced Math Skills

As the world globalizes, STEM job demand rises, but U.S. students, particularly minorities, struggle to meet STEM requirements. Click here to learn more!

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New Age Manufacturing & the Importance of Mathematics

growing number of job opportunities in manufacturing and production fields require basic math skills or math, science, physics refresher courses

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Learning on Abacus Reduces Strain on Short Term Memory

Discover the benefits of learning math with an abacus. It aids memory, increases neuroplasticity, and provides a solid foundation for math skills.

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Puzzle Power: How Puzzles Help Your Child's Development

Puzzles impact your child's cognitive growth. Improving problem-solving and critical thinking. Find out about suitable puzzles for different age groups.

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The Science Behind the Abacus

Research shows the abacus boosts student success, leading to higher test scores, increased confidence, and more opportunities compared to non-abacus peers.

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Why Your Child Needs the Abacus

Teaching the abacus brings many benefits! It boosts confidence, enhances math understanding, and equips your child to tackle any math problem with ease.

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