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    If Genie Academy Existed When I Was a Kid...

    Having an influential teacher early in education is not only transformative to our learning. It shapes our character and helps us grow our work ethic.

    Online classroom during coronavirus shutdown

    Learn how your child can beat the Coronavirus school shutdown

    School closures due to the coronavirus put your child at risk of falling behind. Learn how Math Genie can keep your child learning during uncertain times.


    The Importance of Meditation in Classrooms

    • December 17, 2019
    • By Venus L

    If you are interested in learning about the importance of meditation in the classroom, this post was made especially for you.

    meditation can have positive effects on your childs attention, grades, and mental health. Math Genie incorporated 5 minutes of yoga before every class

    6 Reasons Why Meditating is Beneficial for Children and Pre-teens

    Engage your child in meditating behaviors to increase their attention, bump up their grades in school, and overall better mental health!


    Strategies to Help Increase a Student’s Concentration

    Learn how to increase your child's attention span! Teach them strategies to focus better & enhance their memory. Watch your child succeed in the classroom.

    A token economy is a behavioral change system that uses positive reinforcement to change unwanted behavior

    When Praise is Not Enough: Establishing a Token Economy

    Are you having trouble with your child? Do you find that they avoid doing homework, seem to forget about their chores, and generally seem unmotivated?

    Spending time with your kids is essential to building unconditional positive regard and healthy relationships with them. It increases positive behaviors and build self-esteem

    Making “Special Time” For Your Children

    "15 minutes! Spend 15 minutes with your kid and it will create unconditional love and a healthy relationship. Read Math Genie’s Blog in finding out how to do so!"

    How To Talk To Your Children, and get them to Really Listen

    There are three different kinds of parents; Aggressive, Passive,and Assertive. Talking to children properly is important, here is how to get them to listen

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