The Importance of Meditation in Classrooms

    Posted by Venus L on December 17, 2019

    Up until recent years, Western medicine had yet to embrace the more mental aspects involved with asian-children-playing-and-painting-color-pencil-on-paper-book-in-home-school_rWDMhfdPGmaintaining a good bill of health overall. In fact, we have mostly relied on potions and medication to help treat everything from emotional instability to the inability to pay attention. However, studies have shown that using meditation can offer us an array of benefits. This is especially true for those interested in helping children in the school setting. That said, the following is a closer look at the importance of meditation in the classroom. 

    Stress and Anxiety Relief

    One of the most pressing disorders in the world. There are people all across the globe that suffer from some form of anxiety. While many people believe that this is something that can only be treated with the use of medication, there are actually various ways in which meditation, yoga, and other practices help to relieve anxiety and stress. In fact, experts assert that anxiety can not only be used to address anxiety and stress, but also to deescalate volatile situations in general. 

    Treating ADHD

    A disorder affecting around 6.1 million American children, ADHD can be a very serious mental health issue that can prevent children from reaching their full potential. However, the art of meditation can actually help to reduce or even eliminate symptoms of ADHD. In fact, studies have shown that students who meditated with their parents in a clinical setting and also practice meditation at home, gained an ability to concentrate better in school. This is a great benefit given that so many kids have been prescribed medications to help treat this issue, and often without substantial results. 

    Brain Development

    Given that children are still very much in the process of developing mentally, they should be given solutions that allow for mind expansion, rather than limitation. As far as neuroscience is concerned, meditation can literally change the structure and functionality of your brain for the better. This means that not only do kids see a reduction in symptoms such as anxiety, stress, insomnia, etc. but this also enables them to focus more and also promotes creativity. 

    Overall, there are various benefits of using meditation in the classroom. Rather than teaching children to rely on pills and medications, teaching children meditation at a young age will bestow them with the tools necessary to remain mentally and physically healthy, despite the various highs and lows that are an inevitable part of life. 

    Genie Academy & Meditation

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