What Should Your Child Know by Age 6?

    Posted by Tiara Swinson on October 06, 2021

    Your child has graduated kindergarten and is now in grade school: congratulations! Their world is ever-expanding, and they are learning so much more now that they are in grade school. The start of their academic career comes with a lot of changes, and there are several things your child should know by age 6. Of course, these are guidelines, not rules, as every child learns and grows at their own pace.

    6 years oldMental Leaps

    By the time they are 6, your child should be able to speak in complete sentences using 5 to 7 words or more. These sentences don’t have to be complicated, but should be clear and understandable. In this and other ways, you will see a lot of growth in their cognitive abilities, reasoning, and logic.

    Your child should also have learned left from right. They can also follow 3 separate instructions easily. For example, you can tell them to clean up their toys, make their bed, and brush their teeth all at the same time, and they should be able to understand and follow those instructions.

    A fun part of their development is that they are learning that some words have more than 1 meaning. You’ll notice they are starting to understand jokes and puns more, and will even develop their own senses of humor. They will also learn to tell time and know the important differences from day and night, not just in terms of their daily routine and activities.

    For their schoolwork, they will start to read age-appropriate books, sounding out unfamiliar words. They should also be able to focus on schoolwork or tasks for 15 minutes or longer. They will also understand the concept of numbers and even start to count backwards. It is important at this age to watch out for signs of reading difficulties or signs of learning disabilities, or even any mental health issues or stressors like bullying.

    Children at this age are still learning about sound, distance, and speed, so it’s important to keep them away from the street. They don’t know yet how dangerous a car or truck can be. 

    Body Changes

    Age 6 is the exciting time when they start to develop their sense of body image. They are also growing rapidly, and these 2 things may lead to more complaints of aches and pains. It’s important to always check these complaints to make sure nothing is wrong, but those growing pains are going to set in.

    It’s important to make sure you don’t compare your child to a standard or especially with other children. Any concerns you have about their height, weight, or growth should be brought up with their doctor. Another exciting development is that your child may start losing their baby teeth.

    Social Developments

    By age 6, your child will be growing more independent from you and will put a lot of stock in peer acceptance. They are learning to share and cooperate, and their social interests are expanding. Therefore, it’s important to let them choose things like toys, games, and sports from a range of options so they can explore what they are interested in. They will also have a better grasp of teamwork, so this may be a good time to introduce them to organized sports. 

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