High schooler vs college professional: Who is the better tutor?

Posted by Susie Pinon on February 24, 2021

Who Would You Rather Teach Your Child High-Schoolers or Collegiate Professionals?Education in the present-day is not ideal for students. Some students are struggling with modern-day problems like limited socialization and not enough physical activity in their day-to-day lives. And while there are obviously many things we cannot control as parents, we can decide on one thing. Is it better for a high school student to teach your child or an adult who has a degree from a university? I think you know the answer to that.


At Genie Academy, we have a very thorough hiring process. We work hard at maintaining the highest possible quality of teachers because we genuinely care about seeing your children succeed and thrive. All teachers, regardless of seniority undergo regular auditing. This is to make sure that all teachers are meeting our requirements and accomplishing all the same standards in the classroom. 

We know there will be variance in teaching styles from teacher to teacher. We welcome that, of course. Though, we never hire teachers that are still in high school. This is simply a standard that makes a huge difference to our student’s learning. This sets us apart from our competitors.


No High Schoolers Teaching your child.

You might be wondering why we refuse to hire teenagers to teach your kids. Well, let me ask you something. What did college give you that high school didn’t?

If you earned a Bachelor’s degree or higher, then you can think about why we exclude high schoolers from our hiring pool. Now, we don’t do this because we think younger minds can’t make excellent teachers. We know any child has the capacity to be a genius. We don’t judge on age. We select the best, based on experience.


What Makes Our Teachers Different?

Our teachers don’t only know how to teach from a book. Our teachers have encountered the lows and highs in life through the realities of adulthood. Our teachers are at a different stage of life where they likely have more patience than they did back in high school. I know for sure that I do. 

Some of our teachers have children on their own, and as a parent, you know how this changes the way we relate to, communicate with, and enjoy the company of children. Those who have graduated from college have greatly improved their time management and organizational skills since they were just 18. They have fostered more compassion for others as well as empathy. 

During college, I crossed paths with people from all walks of life. I was exposed to different cultures, various social norms, and the standard etiquette of how a functioning young adult at university should act. I learned how to get my priorities in order, be on time and be early for everything, plan ahead, and deal with the trials and tribulations of daily life.

When I compare myself now, just over a year post-grad to the person that I was in high school, I can say we are barely the same person. I’m sure you can relate. And the reason that I make a big fuss about this is to emphasize the vast differences between teachers that are in high school and teachers that have grown through college and have gotten, at least a taste of the real world.


What Our Teachers Have that High School Teachers Don’t

  • More Patience
  • Better Time Management Skills
  • Greater Empathy
  • Higher Levels of Discipline
  • More Life Experience to help educate students and use more worldly real-life examples
  • Better Ability to Guide Students on Dealing with Conflict/Bullying
  • Increased Stress-Regulatory Skills and Fine-Tuned Emotional Coping Mechanisms
  • More Years of Teaching Experience

At Genie Academy, we care about fostering a love of learning in your child at an early age. We don’t want teens shaping the mind of your child. We know that well-educated adults can do an exceedingly better job.

Contact us today to set up your free class and assessment to get your child on the fast-track to being the genius we know they can be.

We can’t wait to meet you.


-The Genie Academy Team

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