Why Your Child Should Learn Computer Programming

    Posted by Tiara Swinson on November 16, 2018

    why your child should learn computer programmingAs a parent, you may strive to actively limit screen time by shooing your child away from the computer at the end of the recommended two hour a day limit. However, you might be surprised to find out that not all screen time is made equal, as some activities offer lifelong benefits to your child. Computer programming, for example, will help your child build skills and knowledge that they can use throughout life to achieve their personal and professional goals. By helping your child use computer time wisely by learning how to code, you effectively prepare them for the future.

    Benefits of Learning Programming

    Computer programming offers a long list of practical benefits that will help your child navigate so many different parts of life. At the most basic level, coding helps boost critical thinking, planning and creativity for improved academic success. Kids who code often perform better in math and writing courses, as the skills learned with computer programming tend to overlap with those subjects.

    As your child learns to code, they will develop improved focus, organization and communication skills, which are all required to build well-designed computer programs. Resilience levels will increase as your kid learns how to chase down and eliminate bugs in the code. Furthermore, computer programming opens the doors for confidence and empowerment boosts with each program successfully completed.

    In this digital age, computer programming has become an integral part of so many systems used today. Your child will need some level of programming skills to excel in most tech jobs. Even outside the tech world, programming can help improve career success across the board. Allowing your child to learn programming from a young age allows them to enjoy the full range of potential benefits.  

    How to Help Your Child Learn Programming

    You can help your child learn programming with at home software programs or by partnering with after school enrichment professionals. However, if you work from a home software program, you must have a working knowledge of computer programming, or be willing to take a crash course, to assist your child in achieving success. Otherwise, your child may find it difficult to move past certain levels that they finds challenging.

    When you enroll your child in an after-school enrichment program, you partner with a professional who can help your child learn all about computer programming. These professionals utilize their skills and knowledge to assist children in learning how to code and build their own software programs. The skills courses slowly build on previous knowledge to provide your child with the instruction needed to master the content. The computer programming teachers always strive to make the learning process fun and accessible for children of all ages to promote a lifelong love of computer programming.

    Support Your Child’s Pursuit of Programming Knowledge

    You can actively support your child’s pursuit of computer programming knowledge by signing up for coding classes at Genie Academy. You can also consider revising your screen time standards as well to give your child time to practice programming skills and build knowledge about this important topic. The benefits of learning this important skill will undoubtedly serve your child well throughout life. Contact our team at Genie Academy today to learn how we can help your child master computer programming.


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