There are tons of options when it comes to your child's enrichment. But when it comes to exceptional success, there's only one choice. Take a look at this side-by-side comparison of Genie vs. Kumon. Can your child truly bloom if the enrichment program lacks these critical features?

Comparison of Kumon and Genie Academy
Fun and Engaging Program
Kids have fun
Classroom Style teaching environment
Astonishing Mental Math
Multi-Sensory Learning
Classroom Style environment
Teachers teach. Not just check worksheets
Works with Special needs kids
Individual Attention to every child
Patient and qualified teachers

See What Former Kumon Parents Say About Genie Academy

  • "Math Genie is the best program I made my son join! With Math Genie in just 1 week I saw huge improvement. He is just 7 yrs old (2nd grader) but his skills are better than any Middle school or High School kid after 1 year of Math Genie."

    Jigna B.
    Her son went to Kumon for a year

  • "Creative Visualization, not Memorization! Unlike Kumon, which teaches children math by memorization, Math Genie trains children to solve complex mathematical problems by visualization.My son's focus has improved, in all all subjects, not just math. I have also seen a huge improvement in his confidence, the way he talks to people, and the way he processes information."

    Milind D
    His son went to Kumon for 18 months.

Genie Academy will also help

Increase their focus and concentration
Increase their Math scores
Teach them astonishing Mental Math
Increase their creativity
Choose Math Genie to help your child increase their concentration, focus, and watch them achieve better results in school

Check Out Our Success Stories

Every day we hear parents tell us how their child has improved. Here are some of them.

Math Genie Success- student's Terra Nova scores go from 39% to 99% after enrolling in Math Genie

39 to 99 percentile

Lydia's daughter scored 39 percentile in the Terra Nova standardized test.

She enrolled her daughter in Genie Academy:
• in 7 months her score went to the 91st percentile
• in 17 months her score went to the 99th percentile nationally!

Math Genie Success- student scores 100% on NJ-ASK Test

100% on the NJ-Ask test

• She was enrolled in Genie Academy for 2 years before graduating.

What is our formula for Success?

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Join many parents who have benefited from our work

Thousands of parents have experienced Genie Academy.

Math Genie uses Multi Sensory tools such as auditory, visual and kinesthetics to fit your childs learning style

We use Multi-Sensory teaching methods

Every child learns differently. Some kids are visual and learn best by seeing objects. Others are auditory and learn best by hearing explanations. Still, others are kinesthetic, or tactile, and learn best by touching or feeling. At Genie Academy, we learn your child’s style of learning and will customize our teaching style to fit their learning style.

Math Genie teachers are trained to committ to your childs learning needs to ensure they are striving for academic excellence

We have patient and qualified teachers

At Genie Academy, the teachers we hire are highly qualified and passionate about your child’s progress. Our screening process ensures that they are patient, committed, and love children. They go through our training process that ensures your child’s success.

Math Genie uses the abacus to teach your child how to do mental math quickly using visualization techniques

We teach Mental Math

We use the ancient abacus to teach math

The first thing your child receives at Genie Academy is a special “toy,” which is actually a small abacus. Your child is taught how to do simple addition and subtraction on the abacus by moving the beads around on the rods. In a few weeks, your child can visualize the beads in their mind and move them around in their imagination. Using this visual imagery, or “mental math,” your child learns to arrive at an answer in the same time -- or even faster -- than is possible using an electronic calculator.


We use the ancient Abacus

The abacus is an ancient calculating tool with beads. The abacus is a very effective learning system. It is very intuitive to kids and learns complex math very quickly. Even 4-year-olds can learn to do complex addition and subtraction.

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