5 Ways To Motivate Your Children Outside of the Classroom

    Posted by Sarah Rutzler on March 21, 2017

    Children crave acknowledgement and recognition; let’s make sure they get it!

    keep your child motivated outside of the classroom

    As a parent, I am sure you want your child to be motivated in the classroom. Did you know that motivating your child outside of the classroom helps his/her open up to a world of ideas? Although your child is learning intellectually at school, motivating them outside of school will transfer to their schoolwork and increase their educational achievements. At Genie Academy, we recognize the potential in our students and make sure to encourage them in any way possible. In an article written by Scholastics, they discuss the different ways you can motivate your children outside of the classroom so that it will have a positive effect on them inside the classroom.


    1. Filling their mind with endless reading possibilities. Reading to your child is super important. Not only is reading intellectually beneficial, but it’s socially beneficial for the family. Take turns reading to one another and make sure your home is filled with endless types of reading materials for you and them to enjoy.


    1. Encourage them to express what is on their mind. We all know children have a lot to say. Having them express their opinion, or help you make a decision shows them that you value what they are thinking.


    1. Show you’re interested in what they like! Children are always exploring new crafts and activities, but there is always one that they cling to the most. If your son loves wrestling, offer to take him to a wrestling match. After the match, maybe have him write a short summary on what he saw. Engaging in this kind of activity shows that you’re interested in what they love.


    1. Celebrate whatever achievement they receive. Children like to be recognized. Even if it’s finishing their homework before you get home, or cleaning their room without being asked, acknowledging and rewarding them is a positive reinforcement that will make them want to keep at it!


    1. Don’t always focus on the negative. Children have different strengths and weaknesses. Not every child can be good at every subject, sport, or activity. Maybe your child got a C on her Science quiz, but an A on her Mathematics test. Help your child in Science for the next time, but as for the Mathematics test, give them a reward or positive reinforcement through words. A “Great job!” or “You’re really improving in school and I am proud of you!” can really go a long way.


    Providing children with motivation outside of the classroom improves their skills inside the classroom. Make sure to always implement some of these tactics in your home so that your child feels on top of the world!


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    Source: "10 Ways to Motivate Your Child to Learn." Parents Raising readers & learners. Scholastic, Web.



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