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U.S. Students' Success in STEM Depend on Advanced Math Skills

As the world globalizes, STEM job demand rises, but U.S. students, particularly minorities, struggle to meet STEM requirements. Click here to learn more!

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All About Fractions (Part 2)

A brief introduction to mixed fractions and improper fractions. Includes pictorial representations and example problems

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Standardized Testing & Graduation: From HSPA to NJSLA

Understand the evolution and current state of standardized testing and graduation requirements in NJ. Learn about the transition from PARCC to NJSLA.

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Wait a Minute, PARCC Isn't Leaving Next Year?

Repollet recently announced that this year will not be the last PARCC test for New Jersey. It is possible that next year won't be the last test either.

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Life Without PARCC

Explore the post-PARCC educational environment. Learn about individualized academic assessment and preparation for a future without standardized testing.

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5 Ways To Motivate Your Children Outside of the Classroom

Learn how to inspire and motivate your child outside the classroom to enhance their overall educational achievements. Here are 5 ways how to motivate.

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Encouraging Positive Homework Behaviors Using PRIDE skills

A component of Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT), PRIDE skills can be used to build positive behaviors in both children and parents.

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Student Writers Need to Record Before They Can Write

Before Your child can master the art of writing, you have to record them telling a story before they can even begin the process of becoming a better writer

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Why Successful Student Writers are Voracious Readers

Successful student writers are voracious readers. They are also extremely successful readers and this is often reflected in their testing scores.

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The Proper Way to Hold a Pencil

Holding a pencil correctly is a lifelong skill for children. It is important that it is taught at a young age, while their muscles are still developing.

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