Brain Development Using Mental Math

    Posted by Christine Frederick on October 11, 2016

             Brain Development Using Mental Math  Does learning mental math really enhance your child’s brain development? The answer to this is yes it does and the reasons behind this are very simple to understand. But, first let's discover what mental math actually is. The concept of mental math is when a child is able to determine correct answers to math equations without the use of anything besides their brain. These mental calculations are performed in the mind on a virtual image of the abacus pictured in a child’s mind.   With the development of building the mental muscle to quickly calculate challenging calculations other aspects of the brain are being developed as well. The end result includes the development of different mental abilities important to the overall enhancement of a child’s brain. It is important as a parent to focus on building a child’s mental abilities between the ages of five to ten. Between these ages, a child’s brain is developing and they are most susceptible to acquiring the benefits of mental math.

               To begin the first benefit coming from the development of mental math skills in a child is their ability to concentrate. It develops increased concentration levels allow them to absorb more information because they have the ability to pay attention and benefit from instruction greater. It also improves the listening skills a child has with an increased level of concentration they are more focused on what a teacher is saying, therefore, listening better and becoming less distracted.

               Self-confidence is also another trait that becomes increased as a result of understanding and the ability to do mental math. When a child is able to see that they can successfully do the mental math on their own and the satisfaction that comes from it they become happier and feel good about themselves. Mental math also improves a child’s memory. Memory is the ability a child or any person has to retain information and store it in their brain. Increasing their ability to mentally do math increases the ability they have to store large amounts of information in their brain. Lastly, children develop logical thinking allow for an increased ability to problem-solve things other than math as well.



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