Return on Investment of Genie Academy

Posted by Mohit S. Jain on February 13, 2024


Return-of-investment-for-genie-academyI want to provide you with a framework for understanding the return on investment (ROI) of your time and money spent at Genie Academy.

What is the ROI if your child becomes proficient in math versus not?

As a business coach, I've encountered numerous entrepreneurs who don't understand the basic math of income, expenses, assets, and liabilities. As a result, they make poor financial decisions, which have significant ramifications for them and their families.

As a former distressed real estate investor, I've witnessed many homeowners lose their homes due to poor financial decision-making. The main issue I've observed is their lack of understanding of the simple math of income and expenses.

As an employer of young millennials and Gen Z employees, I have seen so many of them make poor financial decisions in the past with student loans, choosing majors, credit card debt, cars, etc.

There are countless studies on the correlation between poor math skills and negative financial outcomes. 

So, imagine how your child’s financial trajectory could differ if they are proficient in math and make better financial decisions. What could be the ROI of that?

What is the ROI on your child’s college admissions, scholarships, and future career prospects?

Genie Academy has been around long enough that we can now see the actual long-term benefits of our education on our students. Here are some examples. 

- Olivia gained admission to MIT on a $42,000 annual scholarship. She became the first in her family to attend any college.

- Charlie won over $157,120 in scholarships to 3 of New York City's private schools.

- Veda finished her bachelor's degree at Rutgers in 2 years, having completed many college credits in high school.

- Somer took advanced math courses in high school, which gave her college credits.

- Yadu secured admission to Emory University.

We have hundreds of student success stories on our website. All these students will have better financial outcomes in college and in their future careers compared to students who aren't as accomplished. 

What is the ROI if your child grows up with a solid command of written and spoken language?

We all know of brilliant individuals who don't go far because they can't communicate well. We all worked with Coworkers with superior command over the language advance faster than those who don't.  If you have a great idea and cannot communicate it effectively, it's likely that the idea won't progress. ChatGPT will be able to write for you. However, if everybody starts using ChatGPT, then the person who knows how to write analogously will have a significant advantage by using ChatGPT versus someone who solely relies on ChatGPT and doesn't have their own voice and style.

In conclusion, Genie Academy fees are an investment and not an expense. It's an investment in your child’s future financial success and overall career prospects. They will make better financial decisions and develop strong communication and will be able to convey their ideas effectively. Genie Academy will equip your child with the essential tools for success. 


As you consider your child’s future, remember that the benefits of a solid education, especially in critical areas like math and language, offer returns far beyond the initial investment. Choose Genie Academy, Choose a brighter and successful future for your child.

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