Where Can Kids Learn to Code at Home?

    Posted by Tiara Swinson on May 22, 2019

    in class coding for your childWhen it comes to coding, there is a seemingly infinite bank of information that can be tapped into when learning how to code. From web design to programming to app creation, your child can develop a number of skills that set them ahead in life. But where to start? If you and your child want to learn how to code, consider these child-oriented online resources to teach coding fundamentals to children.

    Online Coding Resources for Kids

    Here are a few games, websites, and programs designed to teach children how to code.


    Alice is a beginner programming software designed to teach children the philosophy of code and programming structures. Using drag-and-drop code and built in commands, children can create movies, games, and more using this powerful and easy-to-use application.


    Developed by MIT to teach children how to code, Scratch is more than just a game—it's a graphical programming environment similar to Alice where children can create games and animations using drag-and-drop code. Like Alice, Scratch is designed to teach children how to structure a program, using events, loops, and variables without getting bogged down by syntax for individual languages.

    Blockly Games

    Blockly Games is a Google project with seven games designed to help children learn to program. Each game introduces children to different elements of programming, such as conditionals and loops. Blockly: Maze is built off of the Blockly Games program and includes a drag-and-drop learning interface children can learn as a prerequisite for Blockly Games to ensure they're ready for the lessons.

    Tynker Coding For Kids

    Tynker Coding is a paid coding software, unlike the rest of the options on this list, but 10 levels are available free, as well as 20 activities with their online community. Tynker Coding offers a clear progression of skills for children to learn from beginners in programming onward and caters to a variety of interests to get kids excited to code. Coding games include Mod Minecraft, Code Monsters, and Barbie Pet Vet, where children can start with drag-and-drop coding skills and progress gradually to Javascript and Python.


    CodeCombat is a more advanced coding game that utilizes typed code to engage kids in a fantasy role-playing game. There's a free version of the game that allows kids to play without making an account, as well as ample tutorials to help children learn the game's rules and the syntax of the various programming languages offered. Children have a choice between Javascript, Python, and Lua.

    The Value of Learning in a Classroom

    Though learning to code at home can be a valuable way to introduce children to coding, children will always learn best in a classroom setting with a trained instructor. If your child shows an interest in programming, connect with us to learn more about our iCode Genie program, where your child can receive a structured education on how to code from a teacher who can ensure they learn the best practices and have the best resources for their education.

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