Why Choose Genie Academy?

    Posted by Math Genie Staff on March 26, 2021



    Genie Academy is an after-school enrichment program that teaches complex math to children in a fun way. Our program unleashes the genius every child was born with so that they can grow up to reach their highest potential. Our program achieves this in three ways.



    Children first learn math on the abacus, an ancient calculating device. Then they learn to visualize the abacus and move the beads around in their minds. When they do this, they are actually adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing without writing down numbers. This opens up new learning channels in the brain. Here is one of our students doing mental math with the abacus.



    Every child learns differently. Some children are visual and learn best by seeing or creating images. Others are auditory and retain things more quickly by hearing or remembering sounds. Others are kinesthetic, or tactile, and are the most successful with their learning when they are able to utilize touch. We train our teachers to quickly recognize each child’s individual style. They then tailor their instructions to match the child’s mode of learning. This unique way of teaching ensures that every child succeeds. 


    Fun and Engaging

    Students have fun in our high-energy classrooms. Sessions begin with a brief yoga exercise and meditation. Students are given a “toy,” a small abacus, which speeds up learning by giving students something concrete to touch and feel. Our class sizes are intentionally small, capped at 4-5 students during Covid. This allows students to experience the classroom dynamic in addition to receiving one-on-one instruction throughout. Students develop a sense of purpose and a desire for excellence. Homework assignments are designed to stimulate young minds so that they want to do it. Whether your child is enrolled in our online classes or coming to learn in person, Genie Academy is an experience that they will never forget.



    Genie Academy measures its success by its students. Many have gone on to make measurable strides on standardized tests. For example, Justin came to us when he was 5 years old and could barely count. In two years he scored in the 99th percentile in the national TerraNova achievement test. Esther, who came to our program because she scored in the 39th percentile in TerraNova, scored 91 in seven months and 17 months later scored 99. Another child, 4-year-old Vedanti, was like Justin and could barely count when she came to us. After 10 months at Genie Academy, Vedanti achieved a full-scale composite score of 99.9% in the Wechsler preschool intelligence test.

    We have loads of success stories. Often, our students gain admission into their gifted program for multiple subjects. Our most recent success story, Sevina, got into her Gifted and Talented for both math and reading, all during a pandemic.

    Most significantly, even learning-disabled students thrive. Read more here about how two Genie Academy learning disabled students were able to switch into mainstream classrooms after some time at Genie Academy. Children with special needs who have learning disabilities such as attention-deficit disorder or autism have achieved breakthroughs at Genie Academy even as their public schools have given up on them. Because of the concentrated instruction and attention to the child’s learning modality, many have gone from special-needs classes to mainstream classes where they have shot ahead of mainstream students. Many parents have reported that their child’s musical ability and writing skills have increased as well. 

    The company was founded in 2008 by Mohit and Naina Jain, who began with three students in a small office. To date, Genie Academy has enriched more than 5000 children – from 3 ½ to 13 years old – in our various locations across New Jersey as well as with students online from all over the globe.


    Sign up for your free class and assessment today. We can’t wait to meet you.

    -The Genie Academy team


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