Building your child's confidence through capability

    Posted by Anthony Yoo on May 18, 2020


    Shyness can inhibit even the brightest of minds. Take former CEO of Microsoft Steve Ballmer for example, who grew up as an extremely shy kid. He would be nervous about going to school, meeting new people and starting a new job. In an interview with Freakonomics Radio, Ballmer explained that “My confidence comes with capability.” As Ballmer proved his capabilities at each stage of life, he was able to gain the confidence to help him become successful in many fields. Without building self-confidence, his ability to thrive could have been hindered by the fear of failure and disappointment.

    Even the shyest of children can grow to feel confident. As they learn from different experiences, they can learn the ways in which they are skilled. By increasing their self-esteem, your child can feel proud and believe more in themselves. A more confident child will be better positioned to succeed in the future. It is important to create an environment that can help ease your child’s fears and show what they are capable of. As parents, you can position your child in ways that can help them unlock their full potential and succeed. Ways to boost your child’s confidence include the following: 

    • Appreciating effort
      Praise your child’s work ethic rather than their level of intelligence. Your child should feel good about trying different things.
    • Providing new challenges
      Nurture a growth mindset that can help your child tackle new obstacles and develop problem solving skills.
    • Building off of mistakes
      Failure goes hand in hand with success. Work with your child to build upon mistakes and find ways to succeed the next time.

    In the classroom, shyness can hinder your child’s learning. With help from resources like tutoring or learning programs, your child can develop skills like problem-solving, time management, and critical thinking that will invoke a greater sense of capability. This feeling of capability can help lead to increased confidence as evidenced by the success of Steve Ballmer. With greater confidence, your child will be better positioned to tackle new challenges and motivated to succeed in the classroom. 

    Here at Genie Academy, we believe in creating an environment that allows your child to gain self-confidence. By building your child’s confidence, they are more empowered to face new challenges head-on. This type of encouragement is essential for future success so it is important in nurturing this part of your child’s development.

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