How to encourage your child to do better in school

    Posted by Anthony Yoo on June 25, 2020


    As a parent, you face the challenge of encouraging your child to prioritize their education. You want your child to recognize the value of doing well in school to help them become more motivated. By setting goals and teaching good learning habits, you can help your child recognize both the value of learning and achieving good results.  

    Here are five tips to help encourage your child:

    Set realistic expectations

    Work with your child to set goals and expectations for their level of work. Setting realistic expectations can keep your child focused on learning. Goals can help motivate your child to become a more self-regulated learner. Some areas where self-regulated learners excel include organization, critical thinking, and time management. 

    Cater to your child’s strengths

    Every child learns differently so it is crucial to pay attention to how they learn. Figure out your child’s strengths and find ways to help them in weaker areas. Your child will feel more confident learning in the style they are most comfortable with. By understanding your child’s strengths, you can better individualize instruction at home. 

    Set a structured routine

    By setting specific studying times, you can help ensure that your child sets aside distractions to focus on school. It also helps to set aside a dedicated learning space so your child can stay focused and learn to work independently. You can experiment with different places in the house to see where your child feels most comfortable working.

    Give positive reinforcement

    Positive reinforcement can be a powerful tool for empowering your child. By focusing on praising specific behaviors your child will feel accomplished and rewarded for working hard. Something as simple as “I’m proud of the work you’re putting in” can go a long way. Your child will feel good about school and motivated to keep learning. 

    Don’t overwork your child

    While high marks are important, the process is also equally as important. Be careful not to push your child towards perfectionism and instead focus on the process of learning and good learning habits. 

    Most children are intrinsically motivated but the key is to help guide your kids towards their full potential. As your child learns the benefits of learning, they will be more interested in engaging in behavior that will position them for success in the classroom. 




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