Technology in Schools Good or Bad?

    Posted by Christine Frederick on October 05, 2016

          Technology-in-Schools-Good-or-Bad- Is using technology beneficial in classrooms or can we see it as a greater disadvantage? With increase technology and an increase in children having more access to different forms, it can present challenges to children. Personally, I believe that technology in classrooms is becoming a great disadvantage. After seeing it first hand as a college graduate and after attending a high school where we were presented with laptops, I have come to learn that although helpful they are a greater disadvantage than help. Having a laptop or any sort of technology in a classroom unless having a great sense of self-control will cause problems.

            There are many negative effects increasing the amount of technology is having in classrooms. When technology is being used incorrectly it presents harm to children. To start off it can take away time from actually learning. When teachers or children are not familiar with advanced technology when technical troubles occur time becomes wasted trying to fix it. Also, many students at home will have access to computers and the Internet but schools in impoverished areas will have those who cannot afford computers, therefore, having any experience. This results in the teacher having to take time to teach them how to use the technology, taking time away from learning once again.

             Overusing technology can hurt students as well. Some students do not learn well when being taught on the computer. These types of students are those who benefit most from physical and mental interaction with the topics they are studying. If most of the teaching is done in a classroom where these children are present a teacher is not meeting their needs and hurting the child’s education. The use of computers and other technology should be used in addition to traditional teaching methods. When advanced technology is being used in proper ways it will enhance learning in a classroom instead of harming it. Lastly, students who have access to computers at home are primarily using them for games developing the mentality computers are for games and not schoolwork. This is an issue that should be addressed from the beginning and if not can become a major challenge.



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