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    Mastering the Skies: How the Genie Academy teaching philosphy transformed a Student's Journey in Piloting

    How do you master or teach a new skill? Genie Academy Founder Mohit Jain shares how our teaching philosophy helped a new pilot finally conquer the skies.

    Is your child suffering from Covid Learning Loss. How to fix it?

    Due to Covid learning loss students will lose $17 Trillion in lifetime earning loss. They are 2-3 Grade Levels behind and have lost 10-20 IQ points.

    Math Genie is becoming Genie Academy

    Math Genie will become Genie Academy, We teach Abacus Math, Common Core Math, Reading Writing, Coding to Pre-k, Elementary, Middle school students In Person and online remote learning.


    Does your Child Hate Kumon?

    Does your child hate Kumon? We would too if we were forced to practice repetitive worksheets that take away the fun of learning. Math Genie is better!


    How to be a Winner in Life

    Figuring out how to be a winner in life can be very confusing at times. You must think and act like one, be willing to change, accept discipline, and grow.

    Math Genie Class Reopening

    Genie Academy Has Reopened for In-Person Classes

    Math Genie has reopened for in-person classes. Contact one of the centers about scheduling availability. Online classes will continue as we reopen.

    Genie Academy Teaches Online and In-Person in 2021

    Post Covid reopening plans for all Math Genie centers. Math, Reading, Writing, Coding in person classes. We will use Plexiglass barriers, Hand Sanitizers, masks.

    Children attending remote learning class during COVID

    How did your child fare with remote learning?

    With the sudden shift to remote learning, students are suffering from learning losses now referred to as the COVID slide. See how Math Genie students fared

    Recent Reviews of Genie Academy Online Learning

    Read reviews from parents on Math Genie's online classes during the coronavirus pandemic. Learn how remote learning worked well for their child.

    Education in the memory of George Floyd

    George Floyd's murder exposed the brutal reality many African Americans face. By acting now, we can help improve education for students of all backgrounds.

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